A takeoff is the process of creating a material list from plans and specifications. This process requires attention to detail; ensuring that all items are done in a focused, organised and systematic manner to complete a project efficiently.

  • A full set of scaled plans in PDF format.
    Here are some sample plans
  • Specifications
  • A grade slip, if applicable
  • Plot plan or site plan

If you don’t have all of these items, we will work with you to get the majority of the materials you require to start your project and keep your cash flow moving so you’re not losing the edge on your competitor.

Once payment is completed, you will receive a set of plans redlined with all of the measured and counted items on your plan. In addition, you will obtain a series of reports organized into their scopes of work. We will also provide you with the raw data which includes every item we have worked on so you can use it in excel for your already established and customized spreadsheets.

First, you will need to contact us via email, online form, or phone. Once we have received you plans and required information, we will provide you with a quote for our services. When we have received the confirmation on the quote, we will start the process of completing the takeoff in a timely manner, based on current capacities.  When the takeoff has been completed, we will send you an invoice for services rendered. Once payment is received in full, we will send you completed documents immediately.

Please review our Pricing & Payment page for more information regarding the cost for services rendered and accepted methods of payment.

Please note: All of your personal and business information will be kept in confidence and never shared with anyone, for any reason.

  • Takeoffs for trade contractors, subtrades and anyone requiring our services
  • Material takeoffs for residential homes projects
  • Architectural changes required by subdivision developers
  • Project, base or standard model plans

Time is money and if you have overworked staff, you may find it hard for them to make the time to do takeoffs. It can be very hard for an estimator in a smaller company to find the time throughout their busy day to complete a takeoff due to answering questions from sales staff, construction and daily meetings.

The challenges arising from HR and employee sick days, to training and educational costs make it difficult and expensive for employers to maintain their schedules. By using Lot 17 Takeoffs you can eliminate the need to add an additional full-time employee. Outsourcing a company such as ours will give you piece of mind. You can spend more time dealing with your trade contractors and labourers to negotiate better pricing, knowing you have accurate numbers.

We are a family-oriented company and we know you are too. This is why we do what we do, its for our families. And if your spending too many late nights at the office due to work overload, contact us to see if were the right fit for your company.

Experience – over 35 years of estimating, construction and project management experience.

Loyalty – we will work with you on your projects to ensure you grow into the strongest brand it deserves to be

Integrity – we believe in being honest and upfront with our customers.

Communication – we will communicate to you how long your project will take to complete and will inform you immediately if there are any delays.